The Thinking Group is a network of organisations which aim to bring the power of clear and honest thinking to a broad spread of life activities. 

Our core belief is that human beings are gifted with an exceptional resource in the capacity to think, and that its potential is often neglected or stifled due to trauma, stress or poor education.

We believe that resuscitating this key function is difficult yet valuable work, and that it can bring untold benefits to every area of life. 

  • Thinking Psychotherapy – Giving individuals the space to develop their thinking in a nurturing therapeutic environment. Find out more
  • Thinking Workplace – Helping people utilise and recover the power of thought in the work environment. Find out more
  • Thinking Education – Providing educational programmes which develop the capacity for creative independent thought. Find out more

For more info, explore our group sites, or contact info@thinkinggroupnetwork.com.

“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” 
Albert Einstein